Nassim Taleb On Actors

(Nassim Nicholas Taleb)

To understand why what happens in Hollywood is irrelevant to the rest of humans:

a) How many ACTORs do you have among your friends?

b) How many ACTOR friends do your friends have?

Actors rarely mix with real people.

2) Romans banned actors from marrying, even mixing with citizens.

Same dynamics in modern times, but self-inflicted: engineers can mix w/gynecologists… actors stay with actors.
Look at the funerals of “gens du spectacle”.

3) I do not know many industries where people are hired either a) on looks, or b) ability to impersonate what one is not.

4) Actors should not be the ones lektchuring the rest of us on ethics & morality.

They also have a tendency to conflate virtue and its external manifestation, given that everything in their world is appearance.

5) And for the slow thinkers on the thread, you don’t see gynecologists or train engineers lektchuring the rest of the world on virtue.

Actors do.


6) Remember: actors are trained to not seem stupid.

7) Now a harder questchon: what is the proportion of actors who voted for Hilary Monsanto-Malmaison?

8) OK, let me be blunt.

How many professions do you know, other than the ones where physical attributes are essential, where the modus “sleep your way up” prevails?

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