(If I am lucky this will help a great deal)

– Acquisitiveness (humans acquire, and must, and decidability is provided by acquisition – its just determining what they want to acquire.)

– Signaling (reproductive, productive. and social fitness.)

– Conspicuous Consumption (Signalling)

– Virtue Signaling (truthful, vs fraudulent)

– Three possible means of persuasion(violence, payment, shaming)

– Scale: Shaming > Gossip > Rallying > Publishing > Media >
Propaganda > Literature > Pseudo-philosophy/Pseudo-rationalism > Pseudoscience > Mysticism(magic) > Outright Lying.

– Incremental suppression (killing > violence > theft > fraud > parasitism > free riding > privatization/socialization > conspiracy > institutionalism > propagandism(fictionalism) > conversion > over-reproduction > immigration > invasion > war > ethnocide > genocide )

– use of natural law of tort(Reciprocity) to require warranty of truthful speech in the commons just as we require warranty of products and services, and the statements about those products and services. Why have we not required truth in public speech other than until now, we were not sure how to create a test of truthfulness of speech?

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