The Meaning Of Conservative

Conservative means empirical, markets, hierarchical via meritocracy, rule of law of reciprocity vs discretion, and the intergenerational nuclear family as the object of policy.

Conservatives accumulate capital – particularly genetic and normative. Progressives the opposite – the consume all available capital.

That these differences reflect male and female reproductive strategies is obvious.

That conservative aristocratic, meritocratic, tripartite, high trust paternalism dragged us out of ignorance poverty, starvation, disease, and the deceit of abrahamic religion is simply a truism.

That all countries that experimented with socialism are disasters, and that all nations under american protection that experiment with its social democratic version are experiencing demographic and normative collapse -and in europe only the german export of vehicles holds europe together are evidence enough for the informed.

The fact that conservatives are concerned about the loss of intergenerationally transferred capital and others aren’t – is again genetic but also scientific.

Marx, Boaz, Freud, were pseudoscientists.

People are gullible.

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