Watching Other Cultures Learn Software

It was interesting to watch the Russian programmers ‘come online’. The russian mind is particularly suited to programming because it is an individual pursuit, just like the german mind is particularly suited to engineering because it is a collective pursuit.

Watching the chinese come online as their native mind is transformed by the process has been interesting. Perhaps most interesting. Their language is a bit of a prison but once given a formal language like math or programming they slowly overcome the hurdle.

Japanese programmers are still… well, it’s a good thing they copy americans.

The east asian ‘aesthetic’ is extremely childish by anglo-german-french-spanish-italian… I guess all european standards.

But the quality of the code is incrementally improving. Not like the russian, which out of the gate, was awesome. But a bit at a time they are getting there.

Aristotelianism contains the least delta between mental model and reality. Operationalism, meaning, a formal grammar of aristotelianism simply narrows our chances of error.

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