We Don’t All Have To Speak In Operational Language Any More Than We Need To Speak In Mathematics Or Legalese. But…. &#1

Lets just say that there are inflationary grammars that assist in conveying meaning at lower cost, and deflationary grammars. And that the challenge is not so much in forcing everyone to use deflationary grammars, is it is, to sue devlationary grammars to eliminate ignorance, error, fraud and deceit from our inflationary grammars.

I don’t expect very many people to write in or speak in testimonial, operational, propertarian language because it would be like asking everyone to talk in legalese. The problem is that without deflationary grammars (like math and the other logics, or operationalism and propertarianism) it is very difficult to sanitize inflationary languages that are low cost, of the frauds and deceits that impose high costs on others via overloading.

There is no excuse for lies. even comforting lies, if the fictionalism that is a mater of allegorical convenience, produces externalities that are destructive.

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