Why Did A Black Man Arrest A Fellow Black Man, Put Him In Chains And Give Him To The White Man To Go And Sell Across The Ocean In The 18-19th Centuries?

For profit. Why do you think? Have you been to africa? Have you seen those cultures? Particularly the Muslim ones? They are the inverse of ours. Stealing on behalf of your family is heroic. The golden rule is not only not admired, but not known, not observed, and antithetical to survival.

People actually believe this marxist-postmodernist nonsense – it is exasperating. Look. People act rationally at all times which means they are immoral if it is profitable and they can get away with it. It’s just increasingly difficult tog et away with it because consumers are more profitable than slaves, serfs, and the poor.

The world does not run by moral sentiments, but by caloric returns – just like the rest of the universe. And it must or we would not exist.


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