Why Do White Americans Appropriate European Culture?

Um. (a) Why do europeans (overwhelmingly) appropriate American culture? (b) Americans pay very little attention to europe other than the UK. And (c) Because while europeans are better cultured, and often better educated, and certainly better disciplined – europeans are also ‘provincial’ from our perspective, and the data bears that out.

The french are effeminate and have been our enemies since the second world war. The Germans are culturally compatible with us, but … cowardly by comparison. And the Brits have all gone soft and mad. And frankly other than italy, which we share love of food and beauty with, there isn’t much reason to think about europe at all. (Really).

If the Germans ever regain their self respect and return to military leadership of europe, so that we don’t have to carry their moral self indulgence any longer, that would be something worth talking about. 😉

I mean, the people we are most interested in are the japanese and the russians.

At least they have some SPINE.

Europe is a conquered continent, and really needs to recover.


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