Why The Rise Of Ireland?

**—-“What is a good and recent book on the Irish economic model and the rise of the Celtic Tiger? The shorter and easier to understand the better, as I don’t have a background in economy.”—-**

You don’t need to read a book. It’s too simple a subject for a book.
1) They provided **heavy tax incentives** to companies who would locate there and employ skilled (technology) workers.
2) They have the **UK judicial system**, which after the USA is the best in the world, and therefore minimizes investment risk and corruption risk.
3) They had a pool of **underutilized, over-educated, human capital**, that speaks **english**, is **christian**, part of **scandinavian culture**(yes), at **cheap** hourly cost. (Ireland is the catholic version of orthodox culture’s Ukraine. )

4) They benefited from (forced) **redistribution** from the EU.
In other words, the irish miracle is a function of low taxation, a median IQ of 100, and low cost, educated population, with northern european ethics and morals, the world’s language of business (english), and one of the world’s best legal systems.

This strategy is **replicable** if and only if you have the HUMAN CAPITAL and CULTURAL CAPITAL and KNOWLEDGE CAPITAL to duplicate it. Ergo, this strategy is very close to exhausted. (Although the tech sector of Ukraine is working hard to copy it.)

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