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Gods as we know them were invented in reaction to (competition with) the new technology of aristocracy. The priests have always been liars. But the metalsmiths, and warriors cannot afford the luxury of faith – faith demands no skin in the game (no warranty), but truth, metalsmithing, and war, force a man to warranty his displays, his words, and his deeds.

There is no room for humility. The purpose of humility is control, and by control we mean the deprivation of AGENCY..

The purpose of truth is to produce AGENCY. The purpose of warranty is to prohibit obstacles to agency.

Western civilization, beginning with the Yamna (Aryans) and particularly the indo-iranian vs european divide, industrialized the domestication of man an the production of agency – with, horse, bronze, wheel, truth, warranty, and paternalism.

Hence why ancient western man lifted mankind out of ignorance, and ancient semitic man sought to restore the world of ignorance.

Because they could not compete. So like women they undermine with gossip.

Because that is the purpose and origin of gossip and priesthood: to undermine the strong, the smart, and the successful.

Women and priests do nothing but undermine so that they are not left behind.

That is what the bottom fears. To be left behind.

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