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I’ve lost my interest in exotics – they draw all the wrong kind of attention, and they say the wrong thing. I’ll stick with the Boxster-S/Cayman, which gives you all the fun and experience you can possibly need.

That said, the Jaguar F, Aston Martin Vanquish, and now that Ferrari has finally given up on (that piece of sh-eye’-t) california and introduced the Portofino, you can sort of pick the quadrant you want between the Cayman, f-type, Aston and Ferrari.

That’s a long (very Propertarian series) way of saying that it’s nice that ferrari finally made a good choice, even if it took them longer than everyone else.

No one gives a s–t about supercars-cum-racecars now. They are undrivable, and smell of nouveau riche underclasses.

Our market instincts are running to cocoon sedans for the highway and bugout SUV’s. ;)

Keeping the unwashed masses from touching us.

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