Abrahamic Pilpul

—“I could be off base on this, but are your referring specifically to various forms of Jewish mysticism and Jews themselves? (medieval Kabbalah, Neo-Hassidism, etc..). Or the influence of Abrahamic traditions (starting with Jews) in general?”— Via Twitter

1) I am referring to a conflationary grammar and semantics, that we call ‘fictionalism’, that appears to have originated in Pilpul, and when exposed to greek rationalism, evolved into Rabbinical Judaism>Christianity>Islam>and the French, German, and Jewish counter-enlightenments.

2) Jewish law retained Pilpul (The verbal equivalent of numerology, and astrology applied to theology). While (thankfully) western law retained empiricism (Tort). Over time, the Lawyers cum philosophers saved us where the theologians cum philosophers failed.

3) Pilpul (Abrahamism) is necessary to preserve (a) the intertemporal falsehood of divine authority in the face of adaptive circumstances, and (b) the polylogism of Jewish poly ethical (unethical) law. While western law is empirically consistent with progressive fines.

4) The only difference between Abrahamism (Pilpul>Judaism> Christianity>Islam>Marxism>Socialism> Postmodernism > Feminism is just the transformation from supernatural and theological to pseudoscientific and pseudo rational: destroy aristocracy and meritocracy by fictionalism.

5) Jewish group evolutionary strategy consists of institutionalizing the (Pastoral) female group evolutionary strategy: Equalitarianism against the (Territorial) male group evolutionary strategy: Aristocracy. Feminine Dysgenic vs Masculine Eugenic.

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