Could You Outline The Differences Between Marxism And Communism?

Technically speaking,

1) communism consists of equidistribution of goods, services, and labor by purely voluntary means. Communism is achieved through socialism.

2) socialism is the stage under which the state (priests) centralizes all production, distribution, and trade (cooperation), until it is no longer necessary (heaven) and people merely consume what they need and produce what they need, because they are finally of good character for some reason (they are in heaven).

Socialism destroys private property, the capacity to produce incentives, and the capacity to produce prices, and as such the ability to organize invention, production, distribution, and trade – and worse it’s dysgenic.

Social democracy evolved when we understood that it was not possible to control production distribution and trade, but instead, for the state to maximize takings to the point where people continued to work. Economists have tried to calculate this number forever, but they believe in a homogenous population it might be between 50% and 70%. (I think that’s dependent upon a very ignorant populace with very extraordinary wealth that is only possible in periods of global circumstances that allow windfalls (like postwar western civ). ).

Classical liberalism evolved when we understood that we were wealthy enough due to increasing trade, to prevent the rent seeking of the landed nobility, and to institutionalize the church’s traditional responsibilities by centralizing taxation rather than splitting taxes between the church and the state.

Anarchism evolved when we understood that other than rule of law, and constitutional monarchy, all roads lead to despotism, corruption, and poverty.

What we didn’t expect was that it would lead to our genocide.

Communism – no property -no possibility

Socialism – no property – virtual slavery- and centralization of production of commons.

Social democracy – property but no retention of profits – and central production of commons.

Classical liberalism – property and retention of profits and very limited central production of commons .

Anarchism = property and retention of profits but no commons, and no state – an impossibility.

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