What Do You Think About Anarchism?

Anarchism is a nonsense word invented as a trope in the same way the capitalism vs socialism are nonsense words invented as tropes – in order to distract from and avoid the causal problem: whether one is ruled by rule of law versus discretionary rule (not rule of law, but rule by command, rule by oligarchy(legislation), or rule by primitive custom).

One either has rule of law or discretionary rule.

One either has monological law (empirical law) of reciprocity , or one has discretionary ‘judgement’ – not law.

The reason the anarchists invented ‘anarchism’ was to preserve poly ethical (immoral) tribal law.

Why? because western europeans practice high trust, and are the highest trust peoples on earth (and always have been). Others cannot compete (or their group evolutionary strategies are parasitic) and

The monarchies allowed ‘hosted peoples’ to retain their common laws (superstitions) when dealing with one another, and enforced the kings law (native european reciprocity) when dealing with others.

If you have rule of law you will end up with markets in everything and a high trust society.

If you have discretionary rule you will end up with corruption in everything and a low trust society.

Marxism Socialism, Libertarianism, and Conservatism are all attempts to change the discourse from science and rule of law, to empty moralizing.

For the simple reason that everyone can think he’s moral and right while rule of law is dismantled systematically – as it has been since the end of the wars.


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