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—“Why did it take so long to produce an east asian super model?”—

Answer is obvious:

1) Conspicuous consumption is the easiest means of demonstrating signals, and humans determine their self worth and the worth of others by signals just as peacocks do.

2) Supermodels (models in general) serve the purpose of selling to women by means of self identity) (attainable aspirations)

3) One must have what we call ‘middle class incomes’ (post-self sufficiency, disposable income) to purchase signal-goods.

4) Those who look for east asian role models to imitate lacked the economic capacity participate in the market economy.

5) Asians were lost in the permanent poverty of socialism and communism for most of the 19th and 20th centuries, and could not participate in that market economy.

6) Western modes of dress are, and for the time being will remain, optimum signal goods on the INTERNATIONAL market.

7) Enough asian women had to live under western life styles and consumer goods to learn to display the confidence that western women do, and which is so attractive to women who want to increase their signaling.

In other words, it wasn’t until recently that it was worth pursuing asian models, because asians were too poor to market to.

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