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The people of Connecticut must finally come to understand that the reason they are 44th in the nation (and CT is a dump) is because the people of CT have always been wrong.

ALWAYS. Self righteous puritanism led to self righteous socialism led to self righteous postmodernism, and what was the finest parcel of real estate habitable by man outside of the Loire Valley in France, has been reduced to a soviet slum from the border of Fairfield county -which is nothing more than a tax haven for New Yorkers, and New York is just the profit center for the marketing and sale of US Federal Fiat Currency to the financial and banking markets.

Why did Boston lose the technology market to the Bay Area? Why has every company of every possible size that can physically afford to do so, left connecticut?

Why does ever person with any economic ability leave connecticut? Why doe entrepreneurs laugh when Connecticut is mentioned?

Connecticut was the state that most thoroughly implemented the soviet model, and is paying the same price of the soviets.

Connecticut is a wasteland from springfield through hartford through new haven through bridgeport, and has now lost the southeast to immigrant crime.

There is a reason we replaced the priesthood with the middle class business person during the enlightenment. There is a reason we replaced the church with science.

People who try to do good by political means always and everywhere do ill for the simple reason that anything you subsidize increases.

Western civilization created extraordinary wealthy by innovation, expansion, competition, and conquest. And northeasterners and their ‘cult’ have destroyed that civilization in less than a century of ‘good intentions’.

The road to hell, and the road to bankruptcy and poverty are paved with good intentions.

Prosperity is always and everywhere the result of continuous competitive advancement.

All the great arts and sciences are the work of conquering commercial empires.

So if you are a new englander, of ‘priestly’ bent, you are doing nothing other than buying self serving virtue signals by spending down the accumulated competitiveness of your ancestors.

And you have paved your way to hell.

A very wise man said: “Whenever you are unsure how to vote, consult a well meaning fool, and vote the other direction. People of Connecticut need to move radically in the other direction, or this “soviet worker’s paradise on englishs soil’ will continue to decline as did the soviet union, and every other nation that has attempted the same.

The future is not star trek. It’s venezuela, brazil, and india.

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