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Europe is the most homogenous demographic outside of the Han chinese, koreans, and japanese. For all intents and purposes, especially above the Hajnal Line, we are all essentially related, and descended from a fairly small group of progenitors.

America’s problem with race began and persists with the conquest of the agrarian south, by the industrial north, in order to prevent the expansion of slavery to the louisiana purchase and continuous west — and as a consequence, the dominance of the agrarian and western south over the smaller industrial north. Especially Given that the north is english and the south scotts-irish, and the west, germanic
It was then exacerbated by the future conquest of the south’s segregation by the north.

And so while the urban underclass in the ten or so immigrant cities desire to consolidate power, the suburban and european territories seek to resist their dominance, just as the south sought to resist the north’s dominance.

America is an empire that has outlived its usefulness as the organized means of conquering and selling off the continent.

And the Nine Nations of North America need to separate and return to european equivalents that were the reason for our historical success, just as we need to prevent the integration of europe into an empire that would further destroy europe as america has been destroyed over the past sixty years.

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