Cultural Specialization Requires National Specialization

To Jonathan Haidt via twitter:

1) Question. Wealth has allowed us to explore our individual differences, pursue individual preferences, and all but eliminate the dependence upon family. So why is it not deterministic that we will develop demand for separate states to further ends that we can now afford?

2) So, why isn’t it the next evolutionary consequence, to preferentially ‘speciate’ so that we produce commons that suit our desires? Why is ANY monopoly a good? The only monopoly good I know of is scientific (operational) truth.

3) Why does a monopoly continental government provide better technological, economic, political, and normative results than multiple regional or local governments that specialize to produce commons preferential to members and undesirable by other peoples?

4) Why aren’t we all conducting the natural evolutionary research program and therefore why isn’t this specialization in wants rather than monopoly desirable? Isn’t the answer to return to the reason for european rapid advancement: specialization?

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