Defining Ethnicity

KINSHIP: Family > Clan > Tribe > Nation > Subrace > Race

TERRITORY: Occupied Lands(privately insured) > Country(Militia Insured) > State(institutionally insured) > Empire (insured by external institutions)

GOVERNMENT: The resolution of disputes(judiciary)(negative), and production of commons (positive) : Headman > Chieftain > King(private) > Oligarchy(Private corporation) > Bureaucracy (Public-corporation / State ) > Theocracy of any kind.

CULTURE: (I tend to argue culture = evolved group evolutionary strategy.) *The categories and rules of disambiguation and decidability by means of Myths, Rituals, and Feasts(celebrations), and the traditions (intergenerational transfer) and norms (generational transfer) that assist in generational and intergenerational cooperation internally, and competition, externally.

ETHNICITY: was invented during the early 1960’s postmodern invasion (destruction) of western civilization (aristocracy, meritocracy, sovereignty, truth) as a means of circumventing the traditional framing of human organizations as kin groups and circumventing the word “Race”, and framing (propagandizing) kinship (family/tribe/race) as subordinate to nation-state, or communist empire. (Yes, really, people program your frames just as they program our various fashions, and by the same means.)

In other words “**Ethnicity**” is another attempt to force globalization (destruction of western civilization) as a kin group down western people’s high trust (naive) throats through virtue signaling.

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