Peterson’s Ideas In The Context Of Intellectual History

1 – I go slumming on all sides of the debate, and fans of correspondence with any of the three dimensions of the coercive compass are equally convinced their intuitions are supported by experience, reason, and science.

2 – The fact that the current reaction to the status quo is not yet part of the normative canon merely repeats every other cyclic reaction to the status quo. Your confidence in a paradigm was produced by the same means in prior generations. You just arent a student of the cycle.

3 – Peterson like Nietzsche is recreating the foundations of western civilization by restoring Stoicism in both analogical and disciplinary forms and explaining its correlation with cognitive science. I do the same in logic, science, economics, law and politics. Taleb in finance.

4 – The size of the market for Critical Essay exposition (Taleb), Literary exposition (Peterson), Historical exposition(Hicks), and Technical Exposition (me) declines along with the population with the ability and knowledge to understand the material, is and inverse to its precision.

5 – The effects of economics, cognitive science, and genetics since 1992 have been reversing the Marxist Socialist postmodernist feminist counter enlightenment by Boaz,Marx, Freud,Frankfurt and Derrida/Rorty against Maxwell, Darwin, Menger, Pareto, Durkheim,Spencer and Nietzsche.

6-The pseudosciences had wider appeal because they promised an end to and reversal of social, sexual, economic, political, and military market value while retaining the proceeds of western success at the most thorough construction of markets in all aspects of life.

7 – But this was a false promise in the future, just as abrahamic religions made false promise of life after death (of more than the memory of ones actions by survivors). The science is in, genetics, cog sci, econ, law, politics, war: The second attempt at a dark age has failed.

8 – And that is a problem for the left. All the evidence supports the right. Which is why the left status quo is under threat of extinction, and we are living in a cold civil war very nearly turning hot. – Cheers

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