Positive Freedoms Cannot Exist

Positive freedoms cannot exist because they force others to bear your costs against their will. Only negative freedoms are equally extensible to all because they ask us NOT to do something. Rights are merely positive expressions of the right to sue for restitution.

So it is ‘Freedom FROM’ false, criminal, unethical, and immoral display, word, and deed. In other words, the only moral rule equally extensible to all is RECIPROCITY (exchange).

So while the moral person wants freedom of all speech under the assumption others only err, or are victims of their ability and ignorance, the reality is that the industrialization of lying by pseudoscience, pseudo-rationalism, and propaganda in the 20th century has caused damage only equalled by the Abrahamic Dark Age. Westerners have produced the only existing high trust civilization, but this left the west uniquely vulnerable to the cheap production of propaganda. Lies are cheap/Truth Expensive.

And the many who lied by propaganda, pseudoscience, and pseudo-rationalism, as a means of destroying that high trust civilization could do so because it is simply too expensive to correct a desirable falsehood and too cheap to perpetuate it.

Thankfully, between archeology, cognitive science, genetics, the results of the world experiment with different forms of government, and the world experiments with different forms of economics, the entire propaganda program of the early and mid 20th century had been ended.

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