The Market Demonstrated Via Positiva Failed

The problem is that people can intuit what is correct about many things that are wrong. You can (because you’re in the same spectrum as peterson and I) easily do that. When I was in college I could easily do that. But the problem we have not so much education in what is right, but preventing education in what is wrong. YOu are, and many libertarian and right’s are, intuiting from peterson what others intuit from postmodernists, marxists, pseudosciences, and conspiracy theories.

It is one thing to provide a means of teaching, but it is quite another to provide a means of preventing false teaching.

The market for false teaching has not been subject to incremental suppression, particularly since the industrial revolution – for the simple reason that they could not find a way to both suppress it and tolerate christianity (had we still been pagan it would have been possible).

I sympathize with via-positiva intuitionistic agreement, but that tells us only that the individual possesses the preconceptions by which to sympathize with it – and not competing preconceptions and intuitions.

That’s the evidence. Period.

Ergo, it really doesn’t matter a shit-bit because the market for narratives has maintained a superior demand for fictionalisms (falsehoods) that justify the dysgenic majority. The FACTS are, the EVIDENCE IS, that we (aristocracy) loses any market in which we cannot incrementally suppress parasitism, for the simple reason that parasitism is preferable, emotionally, intellectually, and actionably to the vast, unproductive, majority.

So while via-positiva storytelling is a cheap means of youth-education (and therefore adult regulation), and will train youth to seek opportunities within the limits of the suppressed parasitisms, the market has demonstrated that truth and law (the west) or fiction(religion) and law (the rest of the world), are the only POSSIBLE means of transformation of a polity.

All that matters is law. The more correspondent the law the lower the friction the higher the velocity.

The rest is amusement for children, women, and priests.

The problem is, children, women, and priests can increase the costs such that aristocracy (soldiers, scientists, and judges) lack the will to impose law by truth.


Because in the end, only soldiers matter. Because only soldiers choose.

What does that mean?

It all begins with the Militia.

(Thus endeth the lesson)

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