Why Does The NRA Insist It Represents The Best Interests Of America And Claims To Have Strong Support When Only 2% Of The Population Are NRA Members?

—-”Why does the NRA insist it represents the best interests of America and claims to have strong support when only 2% of the population are NRA members?”—-

You need to understand the Pareto Rule. 1% of people determine everything. 19% of people organize the remaining 80% of people so that it gets done.

This is why always and everywhere 80% of wealth is in the possession of 20% of the people. Because that distribution (a power law) is required to provide people with incentives to do something constructive rather than prey upon one another. (really). Slavery, and serfdom are actually expensive. Freemen are profitable. Citizens are more profitable. Universal citizenship appears to have been a mistake.

The origin of all orders is the organized application of violence to deny anyone the alternatives.

It takes about .0001% of adult males to change the political order by the use of violence.

Hence, the armed militia rules, and the government is merely operating within the tolerances of that militia.

That is why anglo peoples have frequent small revolutions that do little other than modify the *written* social contract, we now call the constitution.

The NRA funcitons as the political arm of the militia. They negotiate with the governemtn on behalf of the militia.

The alternative is to end the government, for violating the constitution created by the militia.

Which is what we are very close to doing.


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