Words, Beliefs, Actions, Consequential Incentives, And Consequences Of Following Those Incentives.

a) there is a vast difference between what is said, what is believed, what is practiced, and the consequences of what is said, believed, and practiced, because of the malincentives it produces.

b)if god is truth, then why lie? The evidence is that god of abraham in his three forms is evil, and all men are slaves. Is that why we must lie?

c) then why use a mythos against the empirical, military and commercial aristocracy that created prosperity, instead of the fictionalist (lying) priestly aristocracy that failed their people?

The pattern between the old defeat of civilizations, and the new defeat of civilizations is rather obvious in retrospect.

Humans do not want truth.

They resist it at every opportunity.

They just want, period.

And they excuse any means of obtaining their wants.

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