Your Warranty Of Due Diligence Is The Test Of Your Ethics

Now, I’ll repeat here that there is a vast difference between telling a story and telling a series of stories. Just as there is a vast difference between a term, and a term from a series of terms. Just as there is a vast difference between a parable and its explanation (you’ll note that the victorians were certain to state the lessons of aesop’s fables in actionable prose).

All of these techniques I use and advocate allow us to both narrate and give examples while continuously disambiguating (deflating, deconflating, de-fictionalizing) the narrative.

I have my own narrative that is quite difficult to get across and that is just how central truth (testimony and agency ) are to western civ. And I do that by constant triangulation of examples.

meaning is first, Justification is second, BUT WARRANTY OF DUE DILIGENCE IS THE RESULT OF DEFLATION.

It does not matter what story you tell as long as after having achieved through association that which you now deflate via operation.

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