The Janissary System and Europe

by Emil Prelic

The Janissary System

It (JS) was the literal theft of Balkan children, overwhelmingly Serbs, who were then turned into elite Islamist terrorists of their day (except they were more like cops due to the Sharia element of the Ottoman Empire) and sent back to murder, rape, pillage, and torture their literal brothers and sisters after being properly brainwashed.

The greatest lie that the Clinton News Network ever told (by omission) is, “how do you end up with a predominantly Muslim nation state in the literal heart of Europe, where only a statistically insignificant portion of residents speak, read, or write in Arabic/Turkish?” and of course by extension, “why is it that we’re militarily supporting these people, against their centuries-long victims hell-bent on not allowing an Ottoman Reconquista while they create a terror training state in the heart of Europe.”

Indeed, I am alleging that we have multiple variations of the Janissary system being utilized against the Western world today and that as much as the media has trained you to think about ISIL, ISIS, Al Qaeda, Bin Laden, The House of Saud, Palestinians, etc…the greatest enemy of our civilization over the past half-a-millennium-and-change has always been the Turks and it is only the destruction of Turkey, or its own willing departure from Greek, Armenian, and Kurdish lands that would allow for a discussion about peace to even begin.

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