There isn’t any shortcut.


There isn’t any shortcut.

You are either going to read enough basic history, and then learn the operational deconstruction of incentives from me, or you aren’t.

There isn’t any shortcut. There isn’t one book. There is however a series of books that are the minimum you’ll need. But that’s not easy.

My book will teach you the science and logic of natural law, and all that it entails. But it will simply explain how to make all the knowledge of all the disciplines, commensurable – into a single universal language.

That said, history provides the storytelling. And it’s the stories we remember.

Stories serve as search algorithms.
Logic serves as recipes.
Science insures we don’t err.

We have had enough of us working to gether now that very smart people with a scientific education and knowledge of computer science, and a bit of history can grasp the ideas within a year.

For most people it takes two to understand, and another one or two to master the use of.

Which is like any other STEM discipline.  ‘Cause it’s like any other STEM discipline…..

—“You’ve made a comment elsewhere which I’ll try to paraphrase. Once you get the importance to operationalism, obstacles to demonstrated intelligence are removed. From there, the way forward is just by acquiring more knowledge. There is no way around it. If you don’t have the data (information), operational arguments amount to well articulated opinions and nothing more.”— Bill Joslin

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