As Such, It Is We Who Are Gods, for … We Are All There Is for A Gods to Be.

—“I laugh at people who discredit Christianity in favor of big bang. Something created us.”— Charlton Ward 

An infinite number of monkeys randomly typing keys, in an infinite amount of time, will (must) eventually produce the works of Shakespeare.

If we were ‘created’ rather than ‘an accident’ then the universe should look a lot less like an infinite number of monkeys, trying an infinite number of permutations, over a nearly infinite amount of time.

We know of a periodic table, and below the periodic table a set of particles, and below those particles a very small set of fields(charges), and those fields certainly appear to consist of a single something at different levels of excitement.

The very thing that produces the passage of time (Entropy) creates the opportunity for the conservation of energy, and life concentrates and transfers energy between time.

No one created us. We are a probabilistic anomaly An accident.

As such, it is we who are gods, for … we are all there is for a gods to be.

And those of us with the agency to look truth in the face laugh at those of you who cannot.

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