“curt, What Is Your Position on The Origin of Life in The Universe?”

—“Where are you on the ‘origins’ questions, life and the universe? Do you think it matters if we are here by chance or by design?”—Matt Lawlor 

As far as I know we are nothing but a consequence of emergent complexity as life is the only known means of defeating entropy – with cooperation a multiplier, communication a multiplier, and intelligence a multiplier.

So just as we see particles (wave effects) culminating in the components of atoms, culminating in elements, culminating in materials, culminating in cycles, culminating in biology, culminating in advanced life forms, I just see our existence as the net result of trial and error made possible by relatively ideal conditions in our rather rural safe zone in the galaxy in the relatively ideal conditions in this zone of the universe.

It’s a beautiful thing that we exist, and we exist at this very young stage of the universe, and it’s possible or likely that we are a relatively rare thing in this galaxy if not in the universe, but the fact that sentient life exists is probably a relatively deterministic consequence of the value of conservation of energy in the face of permanent entropy.

I think we are rare and the only crime we can commit is not seeking to be the gods we can be, in case there are no others yet, because of infrequency of conditions.

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