Love Women. but Truth, Testimony and Reason Are Male Attributes: The Feminists Are Right.

(see if I can get in trouble for this one)

Around 40% of women have mental illness of some sort. And from a man’s perspective as a rational human, around double that have problems with correspondence with reality, and all but a handful are limited by social cognitive biases they cannot escape.

It’s true that only about 20-30% of men are reproductively desirable, but 80% are rational.

But it’s also true that 70-80% of women are (at least for some period) reproductively desirable, but 80% are not rational.

Man evolves reason and evolution lets us drag women along behind us at rather great distance. In fact, women do not select for intelligence in men, but aggression. They do not wish their children to be competitive, but sociable.

We focus on intelligence overmuch, when rationality determines how intelligence is demonstrated.

Ask any woman a NAXALT question, whether we should pursue equality or reciprocity, whether men by and large defend women or threaten them, and what percentile their children are in – and you will find these estimates correct.

Women are wonders. But war, politics, law, economics, and truth are as unique to men as childbirth is to women.

My understanding is that men provide the environment, and women provide the generations. As such men think and women feel. For the simple reason that children require immediate action, and the tribe requires longer term planning.

Love women as they love their children.

This is the lesson of patriarchy.

May 20, 2018 8:28am

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