No, Ad Hom in Prosecution Is Not a Double Standard.

—“How can [we] complain about ridicule, but then habitually use terms like “white knight” and “shieldmaiden””—

1 – Reciprocity. Always (a) return the insult, (b) return to the central argument, (c) stay with the argument until the opponent is defeated or retreats.

2 – Prosecution vs Coercion: Ad hom used in prosecuting attempted theft by coercion – the moral, vs ad hom as means of coercion in perpetuation of a theft – the immoral.

3 – Usually (I run into this a lot) accusations of contradiction are only attempted frauds of false equality. Either one is trying to commit a theft or not. Ad hom for theft is simply true. Ad claiming equality when one is a prosecutor of attempted theft and another is an attempted thief, is just another attempted theft by fraud.

May 25, 2018 10:18am

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