Help Them Be All They Can Be

—“If you are trying to a convince a woman of something, you will be better off talking to a wall. Both will not listen or take your advice but at least the wall won’t argue with you.” — Old Adage.

Um. My advice is different. (a) You cannot compel women to do much of anything other than ‘fit in’, ‘signal’, and ‘advance her offspring’. (b) You can only say ‘no’ to what will negatively affect you, or that you cannot afford, or that you are unable to do. In other words, argue possibility with women not preference or good. Otherwise you are attacking her intuition not her reason.

A woman’s intuition (impulse) is not only unavoidable but her identity. If you argue against it then you are in fact criticizing HER, not the idea. Ergo, avoid doing so.

My philosophy with women is to help them be all they can be, just like we should our children. And to leave decisions to them that do not REQUIRE a ‘no’ from you (man) because it is inter-temporally dangerous, economically, or physically costly for you.

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