Male and Female Loyalty Bias = Our Moral Bias

(women are devoted, and men are loyal)

—“Men marry and fall I love with a women with the belief that he will be the most important part of her life. This is the start of the destruction of so many marriages. Once the female has children her first loyalty becomes those children. The males loyalty still lay with the female. This creates a dangerous dynamic were the Male tries increasingly to become the females first priority to no avail.”— Eric Bumpus


Greater Loyalty and .........Greater Adaptability and 
Lower Adaptability ..........Lower Loyalty

Evolution varied the same theme.
We are compatible but we are neither identical nor equal.

I’m going to state it pejoratively: men mistakenly marry a wife under the presumption of the same priority he was treated by his mother. Women marry a husband with the presumption that her children will be given the same priority by the man as she gives them.

Both of these are false presumptions. Men are loyal to tribe, fellows, wife, and children. Women are loyal to children to the exclusion of all others.

This reflects genetic differences in morality. Males and conservatives tend to value all six Moral Dimensions relatively equally. Women and liberals tend to value Harm/Care almost exclusively.

The fallacy of equality is one of the greatest catastrophes since the invention of false gods, and marxist pseudoscience.

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