No, EQ Is Not a Thing, But….

Intelligence is a Thing
Personality Traits are a Thing. (Conscientiousness and Agreeableness and Neuroticism in particular)
The Solipsism vs Empathy vs Autism spectrum is a Thing.
Class Behaviors are a Thing.

As such it’s (EQ) a questionable proxy for personality traits rather than intelligence. And (I am in the camp) that we should treat intelligence as a personality trait.

Higher IQ people are demonstrably more moral than Low IQ people – yes. Although (a) they can afford to be, and (b) they are also less likely to have other defective personality traits and cultural/class behaviors.

So the problem is that people who argue scientifically know EQ is not a thing but pseudoscience that attributes an equality to intelligence to behavioral properties, when in general even intelligence should be classified as a personality trait, and it is personality traits in toto that determine behavior.

So what is going on when we criticize use of EQ, is fighting a common problem we deal with in leftism, whether or not one is actually arguing a leftist position, but using the pseudoscientific language of leftists.

Either learn to use the relevant personality traits or at least recognize you are talking in pseudoscientific nonsense terms.


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