Rationalism vs Falsificationism

Rationalism = Excuse. Falsificationism = Necessity

1) You know, I specialize in the methods of deception, particularly by moral appeal and hazard:
(a) Abrahamism: Pilpul via-positiva (Excuse) vs Critique via-negativa (Ridicule)
– vs –
(b) Aryanism: Law via-positiva (“I May”) vs Science via-Negativa (Survival from testing)

2) Once you see Pilpul and Critique as techniques you’ll understand we now need a third defense against falsehood: 1) Cognitive Biases, 2) Rhetorical Fallacies, 3) Justificationary Deceits. …

3) Where those justificationary deceits include: appeal to reasonableness, appeal to consideration, appeal to empathy, appeal to optimistic outcomes, with loading, framing, selectivity, suggestion, obscurantism, overloading, propaganda, and The Fictionalisms.

4) What can I warranty ethics (Militia Ethics), vs what can I make excuses for (Ghetto ethics).

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