Restoring the Market for Parental Roles 

Parenting (Training, Risk Taking) and Care-taking (Maintenance, Risk Reduction) are very different things. As in all things the competition (market) between via-positiva and via-negativa produces optimums. Why? Anything else would require evolution not err, and frequently fail to adapt. We are not ants. We are special because of how rapidly we adapt. As such it is this market competition that creates a healthy human.

Ergo, we education to produce an optimum (failure point, fragility point) because of female influence in education, whereas producing competitions (stresses, adaptions, anti-fragility) produces humans because of male competition.

Women have destroyed civilization because they have undue influence in children, education (religion), and government. Pandora was a catastrophe.

We have to restore competition (differences) between the genders, not seek equality.

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