The Process of Cognitive Development

|Cognition| Analogistic > Theoretical > Axiomatic > Operational 
by Bill Joslin

So the process of cognitive development and concept creation would follow this spectrum.

1) Analogistic : abductive, fictional, imaginary, free association, imaginable – hypothesis creation.

2) Theoretical – inductive, narrative, possible, hypothesis development

3) Axiomatic – deductive, descriptive, deterministic, testable, probable, provable law proposal

4) Operational – descriptive, directive, decidable, actionable, warrant able, testable, falsifiable – creation(discovery) of law

A (spectrum) process of constant disambiguation leading to more effective action (increases in agency) – which is why some may get stuck at one position and then assert each as separate discrete entities which are opposed to each other (a type of cherry picking) versus steps toward disambiguation

(I think you did it Bill Joslin …. damn!) 😉

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