There is only one route out of the great deceits

I know, you are the kind of person who wants a supernatural, secular, or scientific religion. The law says that any religion that is not false, parasitic, predatory, or devolutionary, is a good religion. The problem is you think that religion requires falsehoods, because you have been immersed in an ocean of ‘forgivable, convenient,’ falsehoods. But that’s only because you haven’t researched the religions that aren’t false, and tried to develop a religion that likewise isn’t false. And the reason you must, is that the only means of eliminating bad religions is falsehood, parasitism, predation, and devolution. And if you preserve those falsehoods and ‘bads’ for your own you license the ‘bads’ of others. There is only one route out of the great deceits, of Abrahamic Pilpul and Critique: truth, sovereignty, reciprocity, markets, and as a consequence, transcendence.

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