I have just finished editing the second draft of “Sovereignty: Reforming Libertarianism”. It’s 235 pages. I have a little work to do on the first page (introduction) that I will finish in the next day or two – I’m a little drained at the moment.

Last summer I extracted this work from the “big book”, when I understood it was simply too big, wold distract from the work because of it, and as such required a separate treatment.

For the vast majority of people who will conduct arguments in the space, and reposition sovereignty under natural law as a successor to classical liberalism and libertarianism, this book is ‘enough’.

At present the big book (“Truth”) is still hovering at 900 pages and will clearly take me over 1000, for the simple reason that my sections on grammar are nearly 100 pages.

This bigger book will be overwhelming. it is overwhelming to me. It is something that will be studied. Studied for years perhaps. It’s literally an encyclopedia of thought on every discipline.

In publishing this shorter work first, I will run the risk of releasing something incomplete that may weaken the opportunity for the later work – because by its brevity it will not include the very technical aspects of my work, nor the rather vast series of essays on every subject..

But I feel it will fulfill the market need that we (all of us) have created until I can get the major work out the door (which is a crushing bit of work).

And I do feel the ‘collective demand’ so to speak.

Hopefully this shorter work will provide a stepping stone for you all to work with and at least in my most optimistic dreams, it will reduce the burden.

I have not approached publishers yet. I have my own biases but I’m open to suggestions from the community.

Curt Doolittle
The Propertarian Institute.
Kiev, Ukraine.

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