Framing a Hostile Discourse: What Do You Want and What Will You Exchange for It?

( Once you memorize these ten points you can use them as replies one at a time as you see fit. )

Well before we start, let’s state the obvious.

1) Cooperation is only valuable until it’s not. Cooperation ceases being valuable when alternatives are preferable. The alternatives are preferable for me and mine, regardless of whether they are preferable for you and yours. Ergo: there is no ‘we’.

2) I cooperate with my family, kin, friends, associates, partners, and allies with whom I share mutually beneficial interests. I am not your family, kin, friend, associate, partner, or ally, but your enemy, and you are mine until demonstrated otherwise.

3) In other words, I start with the presumption that you are of no value, or worse, a parasite or worse, a predator, and that your pleasure or pain, life or death, are irrelevant to me and mine I discover some reason that you and yours’ non-existence is preferable to your existence.

4) I solve, and consider moral and ethical for me and mine, only that which is in the interest of me and mine, regardless of whether it is in the interest of you and yours.

5) As such I solve only for truthful, fully informed, voluntary, mutually beneficial exchanges in the absence of all attempts at harm, theft, coercion, fraud, free riding.

6) As such criticism, ridicule, shaming, putting words in my mouth, mis-framing my statements, lying, rallying, gossiping, and threats of non-cooperation, or even open hostility are irrelevant to me. They are just attempts at theft, fraud, free riding, and deprivation of opportunity to cooperate with you – despite my and mine’s lack of interest in cooperating with you.

7) All that matters is what you and yours will exchange with me and mine that benefits me and mine.

8) If not, Civil War, Separation, Conquest and Genocide are preferable to the status quo.

9) Again, Cooperation is only valuable until it’s not, and conflict is preferable to parasitism and predation. So either we are seeking a set of truthful, fully informed, warrantied, voluntary exchanges, free of imposition of cost upon others by externality, or you are seeking to engage in theft, fraud, parasitism, or predation.

10) So what is it you want, and what are you willing to trade for it?

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