The Purpose of The Religious Right in Propertarian Prose

The purpose of the religious right is captured in:

(a) Resist the destruction of the intergenerational family as the purpose of government, policy, law and norm.
(b) Resist the destruction of civic (voluntary market) society with civil (involuntary monopoly) society.
(c) Resist the replacement with the accumulative with the consumptive.
(d) Resist the export of charity onto other (virtue signaling)
(e) Resist the replacement of humility with arrogance.
(f) Resist the replacement of self discipline with self indiscipline.
(g) Resist the replacement of the sacred (non-consumption) with the profane (consumption)
(g) Resist the replacement of natural law (reciprocity and meritocracy) with arbitrary rule (democracy and equality).
(h) Resist the replacement of eugenics (meritocracy) with dysgenics (equality).

I am an anti-abrahamist, but that includes the ancient generation (judaism, christianity, Islam), and the modern generation (postmodernism, feminism, libertarianism, marxism, and neo-conservatism).

The Germanics (europeans) managed to Germanicize Christianity, into the masculine, hierarchical, and meritocratic (markets), in all but prose. The Germans managed to secularize it in prose (Kant, Hegel). The English managed to restore science (Hobbes, Locke, Smith, Hume, Darwin, Maxwell). The french (Latins) (Rousseau, Derrida, Foucault) and the Ashkenazi (Mendelsohn, Boaz, Marx, Freud, Cantor, Adorno, Chomsky) have sought to restore the feminine, equalitarian, and authoritarian (monopoly).

But both Protestant and Catholic religion resists de-germanization (violating natural law), and rationalism resists supernaturalism but not pseudoscience (marxism), and science resists pseudoscience( marxism, feminism), pseudo-rationalism (postmodernism), supernaturalism (abrahamism in all its forms), and violation of natural law (arbitrary rule, and equality).

There is only one problem remaining of substance for man: one child for those that cannot compete at current levels of development. In four generations, the dysgenia of the industrial revolution would be reversed, and the 3500 year program in market eugenics that we call western civilization will be restored.

That is truth. All else is falsehood.

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