–“A warrior is someone’s child who hasn’t grown up and who can’t share the world with others and must force his will on others. Humans are ALL from an anarchist order where collective decisions are made by direct consensus of tbe entire community. Amarchy isn’t where no one is in charge, it’s where everyone is in charge.”—

Did your mommy tell you that fairy story? Are you the child of a single mother? Are you a lower prole?

Men rule. Because if they dont, even worse men will rule.

And we obtain rule, and preserve rule, by violence, and violence alone.

The natural order is that the strong kill, enslave, and enserf the weak. The unnatural order is civilization.

Which is why we have so many institutions to try to preserve it.

Warriors are usually happy to allow you your fantasies. but never assume for a moment that you are other than the property of some group of men who find greater utility in your freedom than the higher cost of your enserfment or enslavement.

He who can destroy a thing, owns the thing. Everything else is permission.

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