??? I’m Not ‘involved’ with Anyone.


—“I don’t understand why you’re all involved with Semeticist wacko Claire Khaw?”—

Well, let’s ask who am I involved with? Frankly NO ONE other than close friends and followers. I really don’t follow populists or fringe people at all. I have no idea what any of the alt right thinks or talks about unless one of you tells me. I follow scientists and particularly economists, and I rely on two people in particular to filter the vast stream of papers produced, down to what I care about.

I don’t go out looking for interviews. I just take what comes at me. It’s my job to do interviews. I’d do an interview with Salon magazine in they asked me. It doesn’t mean I agree with them.

I consider myself a conservative libertarian, very close to a Tory in skepticism and sentiment, with a Whig view of history. I consider my work New Right. I agree with the alt right that action must be taken to preserve our people, culture, and civilization for the benefit of our descendants and because of our unique civilization the future of mankind. But my view is nationalism for everyone because globalism is just Abrahamic despotism all over again.

(FWIW I blocked Khaw because cognitive authoritarianism is neither possible nor desirable without even worse effects that we see from abrahamism – it’s just a mental illness to believe so.)

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