It was invented to destroy us.

You still don’t get it. (Abrahamic) Monotheistic Religion was developed as a means of undermining the Indo European World Aristocracy, by providing a competitor to truth, duty, and nation.

And it works.

One dark age behind us.

One on the precipice.

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    • Not ‘false’, just figurative. Not literal. John Warner Mathisen has shown that the stories of the worlds religions are figurative stories(myths) describing the constellations of the night sky. This understanding is called Astro-Theology.

      • Correct in origin but two problems with that presumption “figurative”:

        1) A statement is figurative if used figuratively (meaning) and false if used argumentatively (truth). How are the jewish, christian, and islamic statements used? Figuratively (analogically) or argumentatively (persuasively)? In other words, how something is used determines its constitution. There is very little evidence it was used figuratively. Especially given the doubling down by fundamentalists after the empirical, scientific, and technological revolutions.

        2) The content of those statements is true if the means produce the promised or even beneficial ends. The statments are false if the means do not produce promised or beneficial ends. Judaism contributed nothing to humanity despite the most educated population in caucasia. Christianity destroyed the aristocracy of the roman world just as it was designed to do. Islam destroyed the great civilizations of the ancient world. And together these three religions ushered in 1B deaths, and a thousand year dark age we have spent the last five hundred years trying to escape – with christianity dying off, but judaism and islam still working diligently to destroy western civilization, with only the chinese, japanese, and koreans holding out.

        So The statements were and are not acted upon as figurative (analogies, myths) but wisdom, law, and civilizational objective. The outcome is not paradise in the afterlife, or under the pseudoscientific version of judaism (Marxism), christianity (libertarianism), Islam (neo-conservatism), prosperity and peace in this world. These three religions – all variations on abrahamism whether ancient semitic judaism, christianity, and islam, or modern marxism, feminism, and postmodernism – designed by intent to destroy “critique” the great civilizations by weaponizing the female competitive strategy of undermining and reputation destruction by disapproval, shaming, ridicule, gossip, and rallying, and doing so by taking advantage of the means of communication and immigration and publication created in the ancient world and the modern.

        The are not just false in statement, false in promise, but malicious in intent.

  1. Of course you’re right, I was in error. Would I have been correct to say that the myths were once used figuratively? in pre-christian times and that these very clever mnemonic aids to the night sky were ‘weaponised’ by the said groups?

    If I might add, our ancestors roamed vast plains and the night-sky was their ‘map’ long before there were any maritime powers. Would I be right in saying that most of us alive today would only associate a sextant with a maritime environment? But for the longest time what a man saw above his head at night was a image of his exact location on the globe, if he knew it well enough, whether on sea or land. The oral myths which describe these patterns would have pre-dated writing. And not only his position on the globe but his position in the year. This made him and his group an autonomous unit, able to sow and reap with accurate timing and, also, to move north and south according to the longer sun-cycles inducing mini ice ages.

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