Steve Pender Spring Summer Quotes

—“The lowering of standards has no bottom, but the raising of standards is limited only by natural law. It’s far easier to stick near the top than to climb back up a path that took billions of years. Which way, western man?”— Steve Pender

—“Having Nuclear Weapons in a polity is like having guns in the household. If you don’t have one, your sovereignty depends on those who do.”—Steve Pender

—“Sometimes war happens just because people want to see change in their lifetime.”— Steve Pender

—“Politics is outsourcing and only to be used when common ground is obtainable. For anything that really matters, DIY. Nobody ever voted to start a revolution.”– Steve Pender

—“Those who don’t take the red pill willingly will have it shoved down their throat by reality any way.”—Steve Pender

—“Anonymity’s downside is network uncertainty”.— Steve Pender

—“Melania Trump has more children than the leaders of Germany, France, England and Italy combined. The leaders of genocide are genocidal.”– Steve Pender

—“Fascism originates from communism…  Only in the sense that chemo was created because of cancer.”—Steve Pender

—“I doubt any people have ever won a war where they did not reach a consensus on who the enemy was. Democracy lets divisions fester. But now the extremity of our division prevents consensus on existential threats. In that case, internal separation will occur until eventually the divided sides will fight it out.”— Steve Pender

—“Truth suppresses parasites and liars. It’s a prosecutorial tool. The damage it inflicts is part of its value.”—Steve Pender

—“Hate stems either from lack of exit, lack of autonomy, or predicted declining future autonomy/exit.”–Steve Pender

—“Suicide is never honorable. It kills an ally without taking out any enemies in the process.”— Steve Pender

  • —“Your life is yours to give, not to take.”—Dan Warren

—“Violence hasn’t decreased. It’s just been temporarily monopolized by the state and underclass.”—Steve Pender

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