The Problem with America’s “Policing”

by Aaron Kahland

The biggest problem is what America is policing. If peoples aren’t paying for a service, it is likely because it is a sh*t service.

America polices ‘wars for democracy’ across the globe.

America polices mass immigration into Western societies. E.g. Turkish presence in Germany is a direct result of US policy.

America polices Saudi Arabian and Israeli interests in the Middle East.

America polices Sunni aggression/expansion against more moderate, Shia societies (e.g. Bahrain, Syria) in the Arab World.

America polices destablization in North Africa which causes mass migration.

America polices prohibition in Central and South America which also contributes towards destructive migratory patterns into the US and Canada.

America polices the Veiceroy status of Great Britain and Germany

America policed the democratization / destruction of Rhodesia and South Africa

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