Mapping Propertarianism to Philosophy and The Sciences

September 17th, 2018 10:21 AM

(from the introduction)

While propertarianism serves as an anti-philosophy system of thought, we rely upon the traditional hierarchy of categories:

-From Reals to Feels-
Metaphysics:..Vitruvianism: Man is the measure of all things man (cog. sci.)

Psychology:...Acquisitionism: Man acquires and defends.

Sociology:....Compatibilism: Intertemporal division of perception, cognition, knowledge, labor, and advocacy wherein we combine information and calculate compatible means to the achievement of different ends through voluntary conflict, competition, cooperation, and boycott.

Ethics:.......Propertarianism. (Reciprocity) The Ethics of Non Imposition, production, and investment.

Epistemology:.Testimonialism. The competition between imaginary associations and existential measurements in all dimensions of actionable reality.

Law:..........Algorithmic Natural Law. The Natural Law of Reciprocity. Strictly constructed from the test of reciprocity.

Politics:.....Markets in Everything. (Which I call â??Market Fascismâ? with tongue in cheek.)

Strategy:.....Agency: Maximization of agency through Transcendence, Sovereignty, and Heroism

Spirituality:.Transcendence: Masculine Stoicism, Feminine Epicureanism, Ritual Familialism, Feast Naturalism,��.Festival Nationalism.

Aesthetics:...Truth(Testimonial), Excellence(Density), Goodness(Morality[â??the commonsâ??]) and Beauty(Bounty).

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