Hayek Wasn’t Quite Right

Hayek wasn’t quite right. Our civilization depends upon the rule of law by tort (natural law), the result of which CAN ONLY be ‘markets in everything’ – which he refers to as “Capitalism” by adopting the marxist criticism of financial cooperation at scale – but that I would call ‘Market-ism”: or the suppression of all involuntary parasitism and predation and forcing all peoples into the market in the service of others to survive. This zero-tolerance of non-market behavior is the result of the institutionalization of sovereignty and with sovereignty, of necessity, tort, and with tort and sovereignty we construct natural law and markets. So while, in the end, he did understand that it was Law that was the foundation of western civilization, he did not make the connection that it was law that LIMITED US to anything other than market cooperation.

I call this use of tort law (natural law) “incremental suppression of free riding, parasitism, and predation”.


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