Propertarianism: The Central Idea

(from the introduction)

[T]he central idea is the completion of the scientific method, and its application to the entire spectrum of human knowledge. Although understanding the full scope of what that means isn’t at all obvious from that statement.

The completion of the scientific method is contained in Propertarianism’s Testimonial Truth (Epistemology). Acquisitionism (Psychology), Propertarianism (sociology), and Natural Law (Ethics, Politics, and Group Competitive Strategy).

The rest of the work consists of application of that scientific method to the scope of human knowledge: “Here is the completed scientific method. If we apply the completed scientific method to the full scope of human knowledge, organized by combining categories of philosophy and social science into a single hierarchy, the result is all of these ideas.”

The consequence of completing such a reformation of the scope of human knowledge, is our ability to explain not only all of human behavior, but to compare all human civilizations and explain why each excelled (The West), developed (China), fell into stasis (India), or regressed (Islam, Australian aboriginals, and possibly central africans), were conquered (far too many), or Collapsed (Mesoamericans).

This reformation is on the same scale of the previous generations of the scientific method: aristotelian reason and stoic psychology of the late ancient world, anglo empiricism of the early modern era, anglo-germanic science of the 19th and 20th centuries, and brings the social soft-sciences from pseudoscientific into the hard sciences. But, given human defense of malinvestment in falsehoods, I suspect these arguments will take as long to propagate through our civlization as did those previous reformations of human knowledge.

Whether you consider Propertarianism the Completed Scientific Method, Natural Law (social science), or the codification of the strategy of western civilization, depends upon your interest: intellectual (method), institutional (natural law), or anthropological (the reasons for western rapidity of progress in the ancient and modern worlds.)

My original purpose was only to provide a scientific language for describing the group competitive and evolutionary strategy of western civlization. The result is the completion of the scientific method, an explanation for the success of the west, a reformation of human knowledge, and a Constitution of Natural Law by which any and all may live.

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