There Is No Postmodern Conservatism

[T]here is no postmodern conservatism -only adoption of leftist technique of ridicule, shaming, rallying, straw manning, superstition, moralism, psychologism, pseudoscience, and the denial of truth and reason.

Confusing Empirical Method with Intuitionistic Justification

Claims of Postmodern conservatism are an error that confuses the universal fictionalism of the left, with the universal empiricism of the right. In other words, no conservatives are postmodernists, they have merely adopted the TECHNIQUES of the Marxists-Feminists-Postmodernists in Rhetoric (industrialization of lying) and abandoned their tradition of Truth and Honor, because they have abandoned HOPE of the integration of the left into the ANGLO empirical enlightenment’s ambition of an aristocracy of everyone, versus the cult of Semitic-Catholic authoritarian equality, and returned to their traditional Hierarchy of Priesthood, Aristocracy, Burgher, Craftsman, and Peasant, because the Academy, State, Media (priesthood fictional and equalitarian) is allied against the Aristocracy, Burgher, Craftsman (empirical and meritocratic – the parasitic top and bottom against the productive middle.

And as such the natural markets for parasitism (pastoralists and women) against productivity (Farmers and men) continues its long march from 10000 bc to the present.

There Is Nothing New Here.

Islamism-Marxism-Feminism-Postmodernism weaponized against meritocracy in the modern world, is just version two of Judaism-Christianity-Islam weaponized against the aristocratic civilizations of the ancient world.

The Dark Ages Repeated

Whether the current generation of revolt (Islamism, Marxism, Feminism, Postmodernism) that makes use of supernaturalism, pseudoscience, and pseudo-rationalism, is to bring us to yet another dark age as did the revolt by Judaism-Christianity-Islam is yet to be seen. But if the current generations in the west are any indication our Empirical Enlightenment will be crushed just as it was in the past, through fraud and immigration, leaving, once again, only the Chinese, Koreans, and Japanese to survive the worldwide decline, using the walls, warfare, and that form of nepotism we call ethnocentrism.

Curt Doolittle, The Propertarian Institute, Kiev, Ukraine.

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