There Is No Reason to Complicate Things; Emergence Is Complicated Enough

by Brandon Hayes

Everybody knows Occam’s Razor; when you take that razor to human behavior and cut it in half, this is what emerges: Packs and Herds.

Packs [masculine, thinking bias, eugenic (selects for specialty)]
“Acceptance to a pack requires contribution; you’re good only for your value.”

Herds [feminine, feeling bias, dysgenic (selects for conformity)]
“Acceptance to a herd requires only blending in; you’re good only for camouflage.”

No more NAXALT arguments; we all know, not all X are like that! But, you don’t get to boil-down a trend to a single data point and use that datum to disprove said trend; that’s called lying. This means stereotypes are accurate, as they with-stand the market of ideas, and behavioral evidence (data) to counter the stereotypical outcomes isn’t mounting.

This shouldn’t upset anyone. Having a bare-bones (a skeleton) framework like this is incredible. The insights that can come from proper frameworks can’t be overstated.

*h/t Curt Doolittle as there aren’t any others (that I know of AND I look, hard [link educators below if you have suggestions]) that produce as much intellectual output publicly; and I see no others fostering as much intelligent debate or facilitating as much actual learning as he. [Arguably Jordan Peterson, but Peterson has been slow to move his ideas forward; Maps of Meaning still being his under-rated masterwork and still being explained {This Pack/Herd split can be gleaned from that work as well as Erich Neumann’s:The Origins and History of Consciousness} but it’s not made explicit; the work meshes nicely together.]

Curt has also closed holes in personality by concretizing the mapping onto brain structure/function:…/human-brain-regions-functions/

“We ought not destroy competing packs to benefit the herds. Herds can’t respond efficiently to rapidly changing environments; what you get instead of problem solving is panic.

Panic among animals shortens their time horizons (they make quicker decisions less thought through) for shorter term gains. This mistake accumulates until the day of reckoning comes about. The day all of your “not planning for the future” comes back to haunt you.

Strong feelings are not the equivalent to being correct. There isn’t a feel good substitute for truth; no matter how much we’d like there to be!”

I abhor virtue signaling; scoring cheap points offends my being; life isn’t a game (although easier if framed as such). The best version of everyone else makes a better world for ME! I am acting in my self-interest. I have been PM’d many times (warning of my offences) and blocked many more; this is good, I prefer to know where people stand; because many are standing on intellectual IEDs (emotional explosion is right under the surface). I intentionally use Facebook to incite (there’s an insight joke in there I’m sure). Invite ALL people to the table [humans do some of there deepest bonding over food {and information is meta-food}] and share with them.

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